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Who We Are

We’re pet lovers making a difference

For us, dogs are more than just four-legged animals — they’re best-friending, tail-wagging, and sometimes socks-stealing members of the family. Our mission is to help find forever homes for our dogs and pet parents. Bella Frieda Farm makes it easier for people to get dogs and also guides you every step of the way.

Story behind Bella Frieda Farm

My husband, Nick, and I are a hopelessly romantic and nostalgic couple. The name Bella Frieda Farm comes from honoring our grandmothers by combining their names; My Grandmother, Mary Bella, and Nick’s Grandmother, Mama Frieda. We started Bella Frieda Farm in 2015.

Throughout our thirty-year marriage, we have dedicated our lives to helping others, both two and four-legged beings. We were foster parents for many years, and Nick works in the foster care field, training foster parents. I have always been an animal fanatic and have been breeding and raising horses most of my life. When family circumstances dictated that I work at home, I immediately knew that I wanted to raise dogs. It was one of my bucket list items! I have always been a dog person, and have always loved big, affable, mellow dogs.

My dogs are ALL family dogs and live in the house with me and my family. Our family includes grandkids, cats, horses, and old, old cranky dogs! Labradors are the perfect breed of dog for our family – and hopefully yours! They are relentless tennis ball fetchers and will do just about anything for a cookie; But are easygoing and relaxed and oh, so good-natured!

We have all of our dogs tested for their health clearances from the OFA for HIPS, ELBOWS, and EYES to assure the safety and quality of conformation for their pups. And we guarantee the genetic soundness of every dog we breed. We only breed the highest quality stud dogs to ensure the ongoing quality of the breed. Bella Frieda puppies bring the most the breed has to offer – Loving and kind family dogs who can excel either in the show ring or field and then lounge with the family at home.
Lasting Happiness

Connecting Heart and Paws


Cali and Babies

Prioritizing Wellness

To ensure the health and wellness of our precious pups, we do not allow visitors until after the puppies are four weeks old. Although we wait until the puppies are 7-8 weeks old and have had their personality testing to determine how they will fit with each of their families, we do invite our puppy families to visit, by appointment, after the pups are for weeks old so that they can get to know each of them and we can discuss each family’s unique needs for their new addition.


Top Quality Trainable Pups

All of our puppies are highly trainable and will make loving additions to your family! Our wonderful dogs can be amazing companions, emotional support dogs and service dogs. Our dogs are good with cats, kids, and grandparents too!


Empowered Adoption

We strive to give our puppies better beginnings by connecting them with the right families. We use Wendy Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test to determine compatibility with their new families. We test each puppy at 7 weeks old to identify basic personality traits to match each puppy with the right owner(s). Wendy Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test
Our Team

Meet the Faces Behind Bella Frieda Farm

Passionate about animals since childhood, Donna cherishes her role as a breeder, drawing from a lifetime of experience with horses and a genuine love for big-hearted Labradors.

- Donna

A dedicated foster care professional, Nick’s commitment extends to fostering a loving environment for Labradors at Bella Frieda Farms, drawing from his wealth of experience.

- Nick

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