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Life's Abundance Dog Food, Pet Product and Insurance, and our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Be sure to ORDER YOUR PUPPY'S FOOD HERE so we can sign you up for your pup's Lifetime Warranty!

All of our puppies come with a 2-year warranty whether you choose to feed this food or not.

That can be found here: Warranty

How does Life's Abundance compare to your current food?? Take a look at their comparative chart!

If for some reason the links to the Life's Abundance website is not working, please contact us!!

Just a few testimonies we've received recently regarding the Life's Abundance Food:

One gentleman who recently adopted a puppy from us switched both of his dogs to the Life's Abundance, and his two year old dog who had been suffering from seizures is no longer having them. He's no longer giving any meds either! After about two weeks they had lessened, after three months, they'd stopped altogether!! I think that's simply amazing!!

Another gal just let me know after adopting a pup from us and also switching her other dogs to the Life's Abundance that one of her older dogs who had been suffering with skin problems is getting better, she said they are almost completely healed, after just a short time on this awesome food! It sounds like he must have been allergic to his old food, and since the Life's Abundance does not contain ingredients that dogs can often be allergic to, he's starting to get better.

These are just two good reasons to continue feeding your new puppy the great food he/she has been started on since started on solid food. Go to their website and check it out, while there, do the price/ingredient comparison with the top brands. You'll see that this food really is the best. PLUS, it's shipped right to your door, so no carrying those big heavy bags from the store!!

**We prefer and recommend Life's Abundance Premium Health Food For Pets**

Bella Frieda Farm believes SO strongly in this wonderful food, that we offer a *Lifetime Guarantee of a Free Replacement Puppy* (Up to TEN YEARS OF AGE!) on all of our Labrador Retriever puppies that are kept on Life's Abundance Pet food for the duration of your dog's life. Life's Abundance is available in dry or canned puppy/dog food, however we recommend feeding the dry dog food. If you decide to take advantage of this offer and continue feeding Life's Abundance, it must be ordered through our direct website, so we know that you've indeed been feeding Life's Abundance Dog Food from the time your puppy left our home. (Or you may call your Life's Abundance order in at 1-877-387-4564, but you will need to give them our Representative ID number, 20248578 in order to qualify for your *Lifetime Free Replacement Puppy* guarantee.

Remember, it is best to order your Life's Abundance Dog Food "before" your puppy arrives home!

We recommend "Autoship" every 2-3 months, based on the weight of your Labrador. In most cases, the shipping charge is $8>25 per order (excluding any non-food products). Therefore, you will save on shipping if you order a greater amount of food over a longer period of time. For example, instead of ordering a 20 lb. bag of dog food every month for your Adult Labrador, we suggest two 40 lb. bags every 3 1/2 to 4 months (shipping charge of approximately $8.25 per order, NOT per bag). Plus if you use "Autoship", you will save an additional $7.30 per bag. So if your adult dog weighs 70 pounds, it will cost you approximately $37.42 a month to feed your dog the very finest premium dog food on the market today, or LESS! (Less if order more than one bag at a time, saving shipping charges.) We challenge you to find a healthier commercial dog food for less money! You won't, so why not just stick to what your puppy is already used to and doing wonderfully on? He/she will have one less thing to adjust to when he/she leaves our home to become a member of your family.

And again, remember if you continue feeding Life's Abundance Dog Food and your dog should pass away before his/her tenth birthday, we will replace him/her with a free replacement puppy**.

Life's Abundance Dog Food has convenient home delivery and you never have to worry about running out of food on their Autoship program! (There is no obligation to continue with the Autoshipprogram, you may discontinue this service at anytime.)

If you purchase your puppy without enough time to have your order shipped, we can sell you a small (3.3 pound) bag of the Life's Abundance for $10.00 to carry you over until your order arrives. This will last approximately a week, perhaps longer, depending on the age and size of your pup.

**Lifetime Free Replacement Puppy - Does not include any shipping charges, microchip, vet charges, etc. This Lifetime Free Replacement Puppy Health Guarantee is for the health of your Labrador Retriever, and does not cover accidental death, neglect, abuse, or injuries that your dog may sustain while being a part of your family. We believe that Life's Abundance is a great product and will provide your dog with optimal health, so that your Labrador Retriever may live a long and happy life with your family! This Lifetime Free Replacement Puppy Health Guarantee will transfer to new owners (if you are unable to care for your dog), if we are contacted prior to his/her re-homing and only if there is no lapse in the use Life's Abundance Dog Food.

"The company offers a 30 day money-back guarantee if not satisfied"

Please confirm with us that we see your name on our customer list after you order!!

Send us an email after you place your order.

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